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Check out some of the best Christmas movies on Netflix to turn on the holiday mood

What is Christmas without seasonal movies to get you in the festive spirit? You don’t have to look any further than Netflix to find lots of romance films, family films, hilarious films, and so on to get your fill of Christmas movie happiness this year. Play the greatest of Netflix’s Christmas movies while baking cookies, wrapping presents, or when it’s getting dark so early that you just want to curl up beneath a blanket and escape.

Check out some of the best Christmas movies on Netflix:

Christmas Full of Grace

Beginning this list is a Brazilian rom-com that simply failed not connect with the public due to its stupid narrative, unpleasant protagonist, and dismissal of the warmth of the season. The only Christmas miracle in this film is how everything finishes on a happy note for the protagonist, while the narrative and characters leave you dumbfounded throughout.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm

You have a big list of movies planned for Christmas, and it is best not to waste your time viewing a film that serves no purpose. So, if you want to avoid the disappointment of viewing something that will just leave you bewildered, you should avoid this comedy picture.

Claus Family 2

Christmas is the time for warm and cosy movies, not ones that will preach to you for an hour and thirty-five minutes. So, unless you want a repetitious preachy film that will only ruin your Christmas joy, you should avoid this film.

Delivery by Christmas

This is a film that gets two dull characters together and attempts to create a humorous plot to entertain you with some holiday cheer, only to fail. The film will force you to sit through a narrative that will just leave you bewildered as you try to figure out what you were supposed to take away from it.

Falling for Christmas

The next film on our list will leave you stunned with its storyline flaws and gags that aren’t truly hilarious. However, this film has a redeeming grace in that it is ideal for playing in the background as you all enjoy the celebrations.

Too Close for Christmas

This Canadian film resurrects the rom-com narrative, which will only tyre you after seeing it so many times with a different cast. However, unless you want a lovely and funny Christmas film that never gets old, this is not the film for you.

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