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Check out some Bollywood actress weight loss secrets

Bollywood actress weight loss secrets

Weight loss and Bollywood actress has been synonymous to each other. Many of the leading Bollywood actresses who are seen sensual and hot really have worked hard to lose their extra weight from their body. Be it Sonam Kapoor or the Mast Mast Nain Girl – Sonakshi, everyone has to toil hard burning the extra flesh over their body. This not only gave them the right roles in different hit Bollywood movies but also helped them to have a stable career in the B Town. Every Bollywood actress witnessing the weight loss has her own secrets, which can be worthy exploring and following. Let’s have a look over the weight loss secrets of these alluring lasses as under:

For most of them remaining fit and healthy with incredibly hot figure is not an overnight event. You are supposed to slog a lot to get the slim look and feel over your body. It starts with the right diet backed by a proper workout session. For example, Shilpa Shetty who is known to have some of the most alluring and radiant look sticks to healthy food and proper exercise session. She hates fast food and does eat everything, which is natural, healthy and powerful and that too in the recommended levels. These include having roti, eating five different types of grain along with options like green vegetable, butter, chicken and dal. She goes for her healthy drinks and protein rich shakes to keep her healthy and make her weight loss effective.

For Sonakshi Sinha the new heartthrob of Bollywood, you have the four point mantra to see the weight loss. The first comes in the form of exercise, which should be regular and proper, next comes consuming as much fluid stuff as possible, especially water and say no to aerated drinks. Next mantra is to eat proper and in a balanced way. Your meal should have the balance of vegetables, fruits and even lean meat. For her junk food is a big no-no for her. And lastly, you should have sufficient amount of sleep, which tolls to around 7 to 8 hours on a daily basis. At the same time avoid oversleeping as it can put you in a distressed mode.

For Bipasha Basu, who happen to be the biggest fitness freaks has her own weight loss mantas. This starts and ends up with a powerful meal. She loves to have green vegetable, chicken/fish, dal, green salad, soya rotis, etc. That’s not all; she goes for a light dinner, which comprises of spinach/asparagus or broccoli/chicken soup along with light dessert and chicken. Of course, all this go along with a regular and frequent workout session, which has to go with vigour and enthusiasm.

Sonam Kapoor followed a rocky path to achieve her 30 kgs of weight loss. The very first thing she did was to give up her hobby of eating chocolates, ice creams, sweets and junk foods. She tried a number of things for her weight loss like trying artistic and power yoga along with a trainer to train and guide her. She slashed down all the regular foods and stuck to the nutritious and food with rich protein. She has her own diet plan to follow daily, which makes her retain her style icon tag.

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