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Check What these 5 Bollywood Celebrities Eat For Breakfast?

Breakfast can be called one of the most vital meals in a day but most of the times, we tend to skip the same. Perhaps this is one of the key reason why every healthy guy is seen talking about what he or she is seen having the wholesome breakfast they eat in the morning. How about checking out these 5 B Town celebrities they eat for their breakfasts.

1). Malaika Arora: She is known for being a health freak, which reflects very well in her breakfast. She takes Porridge along with a small bowl of the seasonal fruits.

2). Shilpa Shetty: With growing age, she seems becoming young and beautiful. All thanks to her diet and exercise regime. She consumes Protein Shake, 2 Dates and 8 Black resins.

3). Salman Khan: He is known as the fittest man in B Town. In his breakfast, he takes eggs, bread, butter, Mix Vegetables, Low Fat milk and Chapatis.

4). Priyanka Chopra: She did a lot to be a global icon in the glamor industry. She was seen consuming Bacon and Eggs at times even the Parathas.

5). Katrina Kaif: Kat is also very cool about her food she has. She consumes Oatmeals, Cereals, Eggs whites along with Glass of fresh pomegranate juice.


The fitness of these ladies very much depend upon the number of things they do. One of the vital things or rather the secret stands for their diet along with having a perfect regime of exercise, which is hard to get at any other industry. That keeps them healthy and fit. The above is the list of five bollywood actors and actresses who do good to their life by taking these unique breakfast in their daily chores. So, what are you waiting for, get the best of your comments and views on this and let us know what do you really think about the same.

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