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Chandu Champion Day 4 Box Office Collection

Kartik Aaryan takes on the inspiring role of Murlikant Petkar, a former Indian paralympic gold-medalist, in the recently released sports biopic Chandu Champion. Alongside Aaryan, the movie features notable performances by Bhuvan Arora, Yashpal Sharma, Vijay Raaz, Aniruddh Dave, Palak Lalwani, and others. Although the film received a mixed reception upon its theatrical debut, Chandu Champion has witnessed a significant surge in box office revenues. However, the Monday blues have now struck Chandu Champion, following its impressive earnings of over Rs 20 crore in the first three days.
According to a Sacnilk report, Chandu Champion collected an additional Rs 4.75 crore on day 4, bringing the total collection to Rs 26.25 crore. If the current pace continues, the film is on track to potentially surpass the Rs 30 crore mark by its first Tuesday. The occupancy rates on day 4 reveal the film’s popularity among audiences: morning shows had an occupancy rate of 9.69%, afternoon shows saw 20.70% occupancy, evening shows had 26.60% occupancy, and night shows maintained a strong 25.67% occupancy.In a recent interview with Film Companion, Kartik Aaryan shared his experience during the shooting of Chandu Champion.
He revealed that he adopted an “anti-social” lifestyle during the filming process, which involved workshops, training, and maintaining a strict diet. Aaryan stated, “I was living an anti-social life. Not that I was very social before, but during this process, I was completely anti-social. And I started liking it.” He further explained that while shooting for Bhool Bhulaiyaa and doing his first scene, he was advised that his energy levels had dropped and needed to be raised. Aaryan found it challenging to strike the right balance, as he felt he may have been overacting.
However, he eventually found his rhythm.Aaryan also discussed the dietary changes he made for the film, stating, “It was about leaving everything that I was eating. Everything I was then eating was new to me. It was something that never tasted good.” These lifestyle adjustments had a transformative effect on the actor, turning him into a more meditative, positive, and spiritual individual. He acknowledged that he had some negative aspects in his life and had experienced bouts of insomnia.

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