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Chandi Veeran and Vandha Mala First Day Box Office Collection

Chandi Veeran and Vandha Mala

The two ventures of Tamil industry finally clashes each other with some stunning competition between the two or the better word is a never ending battle for notching the box office collection begins pre dated i.e. from 7th of August 2015 for the two ventures i.e. Chandi Veran and Vandha Mala. Let’s have a look on the gestures of both one by one..

Triggering with the one which more sizzling the floor and of course the fan cum followers i.e. Chandi Veeran, a movie which is constructed with the fluent directions of Sarkunam along with the productions of Bala, the movie features some sensational faces of Tamil industry like Atharvaa, Anandhi, Ashvin Raja and last but not the least Lal as leading roles. Despite the movie has just taken a step towards notching the box office but still the magnifying vibes are grabbing the audience with mouth publicity soon after its opening day. However if we talk about the movie then the entire story revolves around the battle of water between the two small villages, wherein one is god gifted with plenty of ponds, lake, rivers etc but on the other hand the second village is struggling with kidney diseases and hunger. In between the battle the two love birds come up with their beautiful love story. Though the story is quite attracting even for the reader, the same way goes with the opening day collection of the movie, being released over 700+ screens in Tamil Nadu the movie is expected to grab 2-3Crores on its first day.

Now moving on to the other battler i.e. Vandha Mala, a movie which is undergone with the productions cum constructions of S. Jayaradhakrishnan and Igore, featuring some dashing characters like Tamizh, Prasad, Hitlar, Udhayaraj, Priyanka, “Vietnam Veedu” Sundaram, “Mahanadhi” Shankar, S. Jayaradhakrishnan, Malaysia Thiaggha, Shoukath, Malaika and last but not the least Divya as leading stars. Here the story revolves around the 4 pantars or tapori’s who are professional chain snatchers from childhood and thus the story revolves with the same. And as the movie seems lighten somewhere the box office collection replicate the same with 60% occupancy around the globe.

Last but not the least Vandha Mala being less popular on the grounds Tamil Nadu the battle between the two movies seems one side for Chandi Veeran, let’s just wait n watch who comes with the winning trophy.

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