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Chaarfutiya Chhokare

Chaarfutiya ChhokareChaarfutiya Chhokare cast & crew

Actor: Govind Namdeo, Mukesh Tiwari
Actress: Soha Ali Khan
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 1st August, 2014
Cast: Soha Ali Khan, Harsh Mayar, Seema Biswas, Mukesh Tiwari, Govind Namdeo, Suhas Sirsat, Umesh Jagtap
Writer/Director: Manish Harishanka
Producer: Vibha Dutta Khosla
Music Director/s: Abhijit Vaghani, D. Sameer
Singer: Malini Awasthy

It might seem that village life is somewhat easy and free from crimes that occur in town but on a wide frame, village is much more horrible place of crime then towns. Upcoming movie Chaarfutiya chhokare shows the entire scene of crimes in village in the small picture. Directed by Manish Harishankar, the movie Chaarfutiya chhokare is the movie entirely based on village. Soha ali Khan is in lead role in the movie playing the role of Neha Tandon. Costarring Soha in the movie are stars Harsh Mayar, Zakir Hussain, Seema Biswas, Mukesh Tiwari, GOvind Namdev and the others.

Plot : Neha is an NRI who visits its home country of India so that she can start a school in the same village where her parents came from. With positive thinking, Neha is a courageous girl who is ready to face all hardships so she can educate children of the village. However when she arrives, she gets to know how childrens in village are exploited for labour, crimes and for sexual desires. Neha also meets three boys in her visit named Awadhesh, Hari and Gorakh. Neha vows to free children from illegal exploitation and educate them for bright future. Awadesh helps Neha by informing her about politicians and criminals involved who exploit children and ban them from education. It is thus a must watch movie to see if Neha can free childrens and guide them to a bright future.

Chaarfutia chhokare is a short movie and is only of 2 hours in length. The movie provides an awesome message for illegal child exploitation in country and why it must be stopped so that country can progress. The movie will most probably release on 1st of august in 2014. The movie trailers are out and running. Music tracks for movie will launch soon as per the film crew.

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