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Censor Board in Pakistan Passed ‘Padmaavat’ Without Any Cuts

Censor Board in Pakistan Passed ‘Padmaavat
Censor Board in Pakistan Passed ‘Padmaavat

Though the film Padmavat had to witness a bad time in India with many fringe groups have wreck havoc since past so many days, the neighboring country has cleared the film for its audience in Pakistan. The Censor Board after reviewing the film gave its certificate to release the movie in their country. Its ironic that India has faced a lot of problems for the film especially from the fringe community from the states like Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarat. But across the border things were smooth claimed the media reports, The Censor Board in the Pak has approved the film without suggesting any cuts to the makers.

They have given the U Certificate instead of Indian censor board giving U and A both. The Pakistan based Central Board of Film Censors came on the microblogging to announce the same and then declared the feature film containing Indian cast & crew #Padmaavat without any excision and later said that the film happens to be suitable for public exhibition in the cinemas in Pakistan with the ‘U’ certification. Later the CBFC was seen using  the tags like Unbiasedforartscreativity&healthy entertainment, which seems very much interesting for the country which is often divided into different fringe groups.

Well, with this the entire Twitter seems to be  pouring the congratulation message to the chairman of the board which is headed by Mobashir Hasan, who is the one who delivered this news on social media. Though the film has been the issue of widespread rioting in the neighboring country, yet it sailed smooth there despite having the negative portrayal of a Muslim ruler Alahuddin Khilji who have been portrayed brutal. So, what do you have to say about the smooth sail of this movie in the country like Pakistan, do comment on the same and keep on checking the updates.

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