Monday, January 24, 2022
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Censor Board circular banning cuss words put on hold

Pahlaj-Nihalani - censor board chairperson

The controversial circular from Censor Board embarking with a number of cuss words being banned in Bollywood movies seems to be kept on hold by the chairman of the board considering voices within the board members against the same. This was the first meeting of the board when Mr Nihalani has taken over as the chief of Central Board For Film Certification. It was attended by all the regional and board members along with the nine new members and Shravan Kumar the CEO.

Interestingly, the cuss words list was discussed, which also has Bombay in it was discussed. The censor board members informed the chairperson that he has no authority to send such notices to the filmmaker or anywhere as per the Cinematograph Act 1952 especially the one, which involves the intervention from the Information and Broadcasting Ministry. The board members have therefore kept the list of cuss words on hold and have decided to discuss at length over the cuss word list.

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