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Celeb makes a way to celebrate Dhanteras.

Celeb makes a way to celebrate Dhanteras.AJAY CHOWDHARY: I would buy Silver as it is considered lucky and has good resale value too. Gold is gold.

MOHAMMAD NAZIM: I will buy gold for myself. I bought a house for myself last year. I want Goddess Lakshmi to bless me with good health, well being and prosperity.

MAHIKA SHARMA: On the day of dhanteras we get a gold coin and even as my grandfather was vedji (ayurvedic specialist) so we have family rituals and we worship lord dhanvantri ( Lord of Medicine).

ANKIT GERA: I will buy a gold and silver coin. I bought a new phone for myself last year on Dhanteras. I want Goddess Lakshmi to bless me and my family.

TINA DATTA: I would be in Khatro Ke Khiladi and my mom would buy gold on my behalf in Mumbai. Gold is considered lucky.

ASHISH CHOWDHARY: I never buy particularly anything specially on dhanteras. Buying happens throughout the year. This is good time for puja. I seek blessing of Laxmi maa to take care of my family. I wish they get looked before me, especially my kids.

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