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Catch Urmila Matondkar Soaring the summer heat with song ‘Bewafa Beauty’

Bewafa Beauty song

We still remember and cherish the song ‘Tanha, Tanha’ for the film Rangeela with Aamir Khan and the music by A R Rahman. She flaunted her figure allowing many to cherish still the song which was almost two decades and has been remained the darling in the late nineties. Yes, you guessed it right, she is none other than Urmila Matondkar, who after remaining away from the silver screen is back again with her hot and sensual avatar. This time we will be seeing her in the film Blackmail. The item song called ‘Bewafa Beauty’ has been released by the makers which happen to be an eponymous song from the film by Abhinay Deo and Bhushan Kumar.
We also remember her for charming dance moves by the dance she has done with ‘Chamma Chamma’. She is still remembered with the name and had set the screen afire while giving the bar dancer in the said zany song seen in the film China Gate. The lyrics and music focus more on the lead actor Irrfan, who would be seen dealing with an unfaithful wife seen in a bar with the bar dancer, but when you catch it you are certainly going to enjoy the music and incredible music in it.
Abhinay Deo while talking about the song said that the makers did not have any such song initially, but looking at the aesthetic and creative aspect of the film something was missing hence Bhushan who is more known for music and song recommended to have one. He then said that he had the plan to have a song in the film, but when he got the idea from Bhushan, he was all set to introduce one and thus came Bewafa Beauty. However, he was against the idea of putting an item number in the movie as he felt that such songs come and disappear leaving not much of impact. Hence he suggested Bewafa Beauty with some message. Thus once you look at it you would find a message as well along with enjoying the cool song in the film.

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