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Catch Rangoon’s Ye Ishq Hai featuring Kangana Ranaut & Shahid Kapoor in a warm hug

Rangoon’s Ye Ishq Hai
Rangoon’s Ye Ishq Hai

If we talk about the recently released song Ye Ishq Hai one can find love that is simmering just beneath the surface, ready to explode at a moment’s notice. At present one can find the stolen glances and stolen moments. Very soon it may bring about tears and heartbreak. But then, when have lovers thought about the future? Just now, it is just perfect, just the two of them and their own world. Rangoon’s new song ‘Ye Ishq Hai’ is the song of that love. It slowly creeps on you, it takes you over and before you know it, you are committed to it. The song has that elusive magic that only Gulzar and Vishal Bhardwaj can produce.

The song has been showcased the best on the film’s principal cast: Shahid Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan. It would be safe to say that this is Kangana and Shahid’s most bold roles till date. Shot aesthetically, Rangoon captures love like it is without worrying about what Indian censors will say. You see Kangana and Shahid making love without inhibition. Caught in the middle is Saif who is in love with Kangana but unable to stop her budding romance with Shahid.

As the dulcet tones of Arijit Singh bring to life Gulzar’s words, let the song wash over you but don’t miss the brilliance of camera either. From the shot of Shahid and Kangana sprawled on rocks to the virgin beauty of North-East, the film manages to bring both the film’s period setting and romance to you. The film is set in the Raj era where Kangana plays an actor, Saif is a film producer while Shahid is a soldier. The film is directed by Vishal, Rangoon releases on February 24, well, time to catch the song as under:

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