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Catch Priyanka Chopra in Red at Hello Magazine cover page

Jeetu Likhar




Priyanka Chopra is a global celebrity now, thanks to her presence in a globally recognized TV shows called Quantico and her debut Hollywood movie Baywatch. Well, all these things have made her popular even in the west wherein she is covered more often in the magazines and other forms of media. This time she is being covered over the popular magazine called Hello.

She is now being converted into the Hello Magazine for the November issue having red trench coat with minimal amount of accessories carrying her sleek bun and stockings, which made her classy sexy over the magazine cover page called Hello. She was even featured in the list of 2016 Real Global Indian awards apart from being the part of TV shows like Quantico.

Thus she gives enough reasons to the Hello Magazine to cover her on its latest edition. She seems to be in a true vampire style apart from being juggling in the role of a Marathi movie producer called Ventilator under own her production company called Purple Pebble Pictures.

Well, let’s catch in red avatar in the said magazine cover page as under:

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