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Catch Priyanka Chopra at Conde Nast Traveller cover page

Jeetu Likhar




Priyanka Chopra is among the highly paid actresses in B Town apart from being the highly paid TV stars in the west. She is a global icon in making hence to see her being covered over a number of magazines and periodicals is no exception for her. She was recently seen over the cover page at the known magazine called Conde Nast Traveller cover page.

However, her recent picture over the cover page at the said magazine wearing a T shirt has witnessed a troll over the microblogging site. PC has become the fresh victim giving another social outburst and it her T Shirt donning over the said magazine cover page seems to have invited the wrath of a number of people at Twitter for calling PC to insensitive in wearing such a T shirt giving you nothing but vague things.

Little did the Quantico actress know that it will be going to hurt the sentiments of the people and give the wrong message? Neither PC not the said magazine is to comment on the troll going on Twitter. Once we see the issues settling down, PC is expected to react, let’s see when the actress is going to clarify on the same, till that time if you are yet to catch the cover of the said magazine with PC on the controversial T shirt.

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