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Catch the Power Paandi trailer it is both entertaining and heartfelt

Power Paandi trailer

Finally we catch a glimpse of the much-talked film – Power Paandi. This film will mark Dhanush’s first directorial venture, but one look at the trailer and we know this film won’t be last. Dhanush’s eye for details, expressions and heartfelt characters is evident in the 2minute, 23 second trailer. It features Raj Kiran as a 64 year old man, who re-discovers life after having lived for his son and grandchildren all these years.

He stars alongside Revathy who plays an elegant, confident lady who he eventually falls in love with. The background score elevates each scene thanks to Sean Roldan. Each of the supporting characters add value to this entertaining yet heartfelt story. The movie raises cliched poignant questions – When have you lived for yourself? Why is it considered immoral to find companionship at a later stage in life? When will children start learning to respect their parents?

The movie is a complete family drama that promises to leave you thinking even after the last scene. Dhanush, we are super exited for the film now! Your finesses and talent as a director shines through in this trailer. Kasthuri Raja, Selva Raghavan, please make way for your son, brother, he holds promise. The movie also stars Madonna Sebastian and Dhanush in cameo appearances. Power Paandi’s music  – A Sean Roldan compositon has been receiving rave reviews for its unique album and now the reviews of the trailer have been pouring in. 14th April, come sooner! How about catching the trailer of the film Power Paandi, which is both entertainment and heartfelt as under:

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