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Catch the never seen poster of  Rocky Handsome featuring John Abraham


The upcoming action flick featuring John Abraham, which is also his first venture in B Town has now embarked with a new poster in an animated fashion. The film has John Abraham and Shruti Haasan in the lead roles along with a child actor – Diya Cahlwad. Of all the posters released by the filmmakers, Rocky Handsome In fact, the actor went out of the way to do this film wherein he got trained for martial art forms like Tai Chi and Aikido learning the same in Thailand. Now, if you look at the recently released movie – Rocky Handsome, you can find it very much different the previous ones.

With an animated look, the poster looks incredibly impressive and boosts up your anticipation for this venture by JA Entertainment. Such poster is first of its kinds wherein you can find graphic image of a caricature in an action avatar. And as said above, the actor has taken special lessons in Thailand for the action, hence it wouldn’t be an overstatement, which is its daring experiment by the filmmakers.

The poster can be called as a visual treat with the usage of the word Rock that seems engraved over the rocky hill. The gun in the caricature seems to add coolness and what really seems to be more impressive is the tagline of the movie called – The real heroes are from within. Now, time to check this unique poster released for the film Rocky Handsome and don’t forget to revert with your comments:

Manoj L


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