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Catch ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ Featuring Jackie Chan & a Lion in an Infiniti QX


The coming year 2017 really appears glittering considering the fact that one can expect some really interesting movies hitting the theatres this coming year. We have a super hero movie too hitting the theatres having Jackie Chan called the Kung Fu Yoga. With its title only one can expect to find a quirky film with loads of typical Jackie Chan actions.

It is a Chinese-Indian co-production venture making it a colorful and high budged styling of B Town film. Apart from loads of actions and colors, it is wildly entertaining with too many good looking cars case to catch up. The film has Chan playing the character of a Chinese archaeology professor and a wily villain in it played by Sonu Sood who is after an ancient treasure.

Well, looking at the trailer, the film appears to be like Infiniti QX whilst a yellow McLaren is seen playing a key role in this hunt. The film has some of the interesting combination with too many talented people too are involved, which include Stanley Tong in the director, while Farah Khan too has her special dance in it.

Let’s check the trailer of the film as under:

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