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Catch Krishna Bhatt’s ‘Untouchables’ trailer starring Vikram Bhatt 




Untouchables Poster.jpg

Untouchables Poster.jpg

Finally the Web Series called the Untouchables has its trailer in the media. The show has the TV star Sreejita De along with Vikram Bhatt in it playing the lawyer’s role, which is directed by  Krishna Bhatt who does his debut with this show, which is all set to hit the World Wide Web on 27th January. Looking at its content and story, it can be called as the most awaited digital show to catch which has Vikram Bhatt and Sreejita De in it playing the lead roles. It is all set to go live this weekend using their own OTT platform known as VB Theatre on the World Wide Web. The show come along with Loneranger and JIO Cinema.

Though one can find the show becoming the headlines of the current news for its casting, the actress Sreejita De simply appears mysterious and she is a woman-on-a-mission in the poster. The trailer of the web series Untouchables was launched last evening and as you check you find a girl at the center who became an escort just to live her dreams and soon becomes an untouchable owing to some unseen circumstances. The web series is a crime thriller apart from being a courtroom-drama that talks about the medical student who remains an escort and soon lands up in a murder rap when her wealthy client is seen getting killed in her presence.
The system then blames her for this murder while her only resort comes in the form of a competent lawyer called Aakash Awasthi who also remains an Untouchable due to his mental health condition known as Fibromyalgia. Vikram Bhatt has embarked with a new app called VB Theatre on the Web is going to launch this web series this weekend, while the audience can catch this murder thriller via the OTT platform launched by the makers. So, catch the trailer of Untouchable and let us know how did you find it.
Watch Trailer :

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