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Catch Kaabil new dialogue promo featuring Ronit Roy’s baddie act

As the days of the film Kaabil is coming close, we get to see something new and interesting coming from the film. Now they have released a dialogue promo wherein we have a negative character before, but Kaabil is different. The film is directed by Sanjay Gupta and produced by Rakesh Roshan the film has real life brothers Ronit and Rohit Roy playing the prime antagonists. The makers released a new dialogue promo today and we have to say that Ronit is damn impressive as a bad guy.

As you check the dialogue, it is a 15 second clip wherein Ronit is seen threatening Hrithik Roshan to not inform the media about his atrocities. Giving a sneak peek into the revenge drama, the video titled ‘Memory Se Delete‘ leaves you intrigued. The makers seem to have gone all out to bring the best in Ronit – be it his body language, his dialect or his intimidating looks.

The 50-year-old actor, known for his TV characters like Rishabh Bajaj and Mihir Virani, has previously done negative roles in Udaan and Guddu Rangeela. But this time he has taken his act to a different level all together. Check out the dialogue promo here – Talking about his role in an interview, Ronit said, “The way cinema and negative characters are perceived in 2017, is different from the past. The audience has evolved. People want to see realistic cinema; actors have to play their parts convincingly. Kaabil’s script blew me away. Plus, I had a chance to work with my brother.”

The film Kaabil revolves around the lives of a blind couple who are hit by a terrible tragedy. It brings back the hit combo of Rakesh and Rajesh Roshan into mainstream cinema after a long gap. This is also the first time when brothers, Ronit and Rohit, are playing reel life siblings in a film. Let’s check the dialogue promo of the film Kaabil as under:

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