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Catch the clash of Finding Fanny and Creature 3D this Friday

Finding Fanny Vs 3D Creature

This week, you have two movies hitting the theatres. Both are poles apart, one is realistic based voyage tale known as Finding Fanny, while the other is horror thriller called Creature 3D. Though both the movies have created a good buzz over the social media sites and other place, hence it would be interesting to see, which will win the battle. Finding Fanny is the movie from Homi Adajania who has not made many films but is still known to produce non typical Bollywood movie. On the other hand, 3D Creature too is a movie, which comes out with good visual effects and use of technology.

However, when you compare the two movies, they seem to cater different audience. The audience who is going to enjoy Finding Fanny may not like Creature 3D and vice-versa. Hence you will not see the two movies biting each other’s business in any case. The Creature 3D is a blend of technology having backed by a mythology angle created with visual effects, which has the capacity to turn out engaging over the silver screen for any typical audience of Bollywood. On the other hand, you have Finding Fanny, which is legitimately a crossover movie and has been produced completely out of love for Cinema. The advantage it has over the other is that it has simply slashed down the language barrier globally. Beside its face value is very much high considering both the old and new veteran actors of Bollywood.

In a sense, it would be fair to say that Finding Fanny would have a decent release here in India and abroad. It wouldn’t be surprise anyone to see the movie making a big collection outside India. While for the 3D creature, it would be a good blend of technology, special effects, horror, romance and don’t forget to find out the sensual and hot scenes of Bipasha Basu. All in all, both the movies are poised well, only this Friday would tell, how the two would actually perform over the box office and impress the audience thus getting good jingles for it. So, who will win or which one will lose, will be decided this Friday. Better have some patience dear!

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