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Catch Akshay Kumar new Fitness Avatar for Baby

Akshay Kumar with beads for his movie ‘Baby’

Akshay Kumar has been known as the most healthy and fittest actors in B town. All these years he has impressed his audience and people around the world with his holistic fitness and super power body by accepting all the challenges and emerging out the best in this domain. As, we all know that he comes from the Martial Arts background, hence for his body he is among the most focussed and determined one in this industry. Akshay is often seen pushing himself at the extreme and enjoys doing things something different and strange. Hence getting a new fitness avatar for his upcoming movie Baby is no exception.

He is seen getting trained with huge wooden beads in his neck which can move up to 50 to 175. He is trained with 50 beads around his neck for his next movie weight around 2 to 3 Kgs. As seeing is believing, hence if you look at the picture of this man, he is seen moving with these beads in the scorching desert heat of Abu Dhabi. Despite the challenge of these beads hitting the spine, he was confident to do things right by not allowing them fall over his back using his focus and concentration. When it comes to fitness, he goes extreme by exploring some of the most core things. Just check out the picture as it is very much self-explanatory.

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