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Cancer and drugs made Sunil Dutt helpless, see how became super star

Sunil Dutt, one of the veteran actors of Indian cinema, died on 25 May 2005. 15 years have passed since the death of Sunil Dutt. But even today his contribution in Hindi cinema and political world has not been forgotten. But do you know that even after becoming a successful actor, his life was full of struggle. When he got some happiness, his life ended.

Sunil Dutt’s film career was successful. Along with films, he had made his own identity in the political world as well. But even after doing all this Sunil Dutt was extremely helpless. The reason for his helplessness was drug addiction of his son and cancer of his wife. In this way, he was very happy in his life. Just these two things made him sad. Then he went to break with the death of his wife.

A friend of Sunil Dutt had told during his interview that Sunil Dutt kept fighting impossible battles throughout his life. He went to America to get rid of his drug addiction. After this, he also had to go to America again for the treatment of wife Nargis. He was very upset during all this. If seen, his life has been a struggle.

Sunil Dutt’s troubles have never diminished. Cancer and drugs made him extremely helpless and sad. After which he decided to make people aware of both these diseases. He wanted to make people aware of it. For which he also traveled twice from Mumbai to Chandigarh.

Sunil Dutt was a very good actor, a very good politician and a far better person. He was always ready to help people. There were many problems in his life, but he faced them all with laughter. Whenever he met anyone, there was no wrinkle on his forehead. Thousands of people took to the streets even at the time of Sunil Dutt’s death.

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