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Can you get over ‘Guruji ka pyaar bhi mila’ scene of Sacred Game 2?

Sacred Games season two is out and has once again started gaining a lot of headlines, too! Right from the subtitles issues to the critical appreciation, there has been a lot going around about the same. But, this time, fans are smoking up a new buzz as they aren’t able to get over the ‘Guruji ka pyaar bhi mila’ scene.

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Soon after the fans have had their binge day for the second season of Netflix’s Sacred Games, there has been quite a lot of reactions flooding in. Needless to mention, this has been a slight spoiler for Sacred Games season two, but, the scene has been a lot in mention.

In episode five of season two, titled Vikarna, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s character Ganesh Gaitonde is shown to get allured by Pankaj Tripathi’s Guruji, who has been introduced to his teachings by Trivedi. Gaitonde is in a complete vulnerable position in his life, and Guruji easily senses this.

Initially, their equation is shown to remain purely as a ‘guru-shishya’ type but, as the episode goes on, it is revealed that Guruji and Gaitonde get into a sexual relationship as well. There are even a quick glimpse of Guruji and Gaitonde having sex, together.

Guruji’s ashram is depicted as a sexually fluid place, with a number of unexpected orgies revolving in almost every nook and corner. Guruji himself is also filmed getting engaged in varied sexual activities with not just Gaitonde, but also another aide of his, Batya, that is played by Kalki Koechlin.

Several reactions are being received on the same on Twitter, one of which said, “After watching Sacred Games 2, ‘Guruji ka pyaar’ will have an entire different meaning.”

Fans even shared their shock on Twitter with stills as a reaction to the Sacred Games 2 scene.

The second season of Sacred Games was released on August 15. The critical reviews of the show are going positive but, what is catching the real attention is the fan’s reaction.

Checkout a few more Twitter reactions on the same, here:


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