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Brussels Airport Explosions: Bollywood Implicated Abhijeet’s Family are Safe

An attack by terrorist which was something that made the entire nation into deep thinking, yes the ongoing fire catching news about an explosion in ‘Brussels Airport’, well as per the sources it said that ‘There were several terrorist attacks this morning: two explosions in Zaventem and one in Malbeck, which killed and wounded many’. When the entire world was worried about their near ones who stay in Brussels, there was another guys who was in the same state like that of the people out there, he was none other than one of the renowned Bollywood celeb cum a soulful voice singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya.

When the suicide bomb attacks triggered his little family namely his beloved son and wife were around there itself and due to the blessings of god both of them are evacuated to safe zone. “My wife and son are safe but stranded in Brussels. Initially they were not guided where to go and what to do. Then by the time a third announcement was made, they were evacuated and taken to the tarmac as it was the safest place,”– As per the sources. However out of some couple of people there were around 20plus people who were killed and more than 130 are badly injured in metro station blast.

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