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Boney Kapoor opens up on working with Ranbir Kapoor on Luv Ranjan’s next

Recently in an interview with Pinkvilla, filmmaker Boney Kapoor talked about his acting debut in Luv Ranjan’s upcoming film and also revealed his experience working with Ranbir Kapoor.

Boney Kapoor said, “Luv Ranjan wanted me to work in the film as Ranbir’s father and insisted that he had written the role keeping my personality in mind. He flattered me, though I wasn’t sure if he really meant it or not (laughs). I was still not sure, so after hearing him out, I conveyed my decision to not do the film. There were logistic issues too, as they required me to shoot for some 25-30 days, and it would have been impossible for me, as I travel for work in Chennai, Mumbai and even Hyderabad. Eventually, Luv split my 25-day shoot over a span of 50 days and promised me three breaks,” he says.

“I was yet not sure, but then, my kids and brothers pushed me into it. I am glad, I did it because I worked with a very good unit. Luv Ranjan is mini-Asif (K. Asif). Ranbir is a fantastic actor, Dimple (Kapadia) is a fantastic co-star. There are some newcomers too, like the lady who is playing my mother – she is full of life and a fine actor. There’s also a kid, who is great. Then there’s a girl who plays my daughter, it’s her first film too. We have a bunch of fine actors, and the only question mark is Boney Kapoor. Let’s hope, I come across decently,” he concludes.

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