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Bombairiya Movie Review: A Mind Screwing Puzzled Mess!


A laugh riot taking the script into a wrong direction

Movie – Bombairiya
Director – Pia Sukanya
Starcast- Radhika Apte, Siddhanth Kapoor, Akshay Oberoi, Adil Hussain, Ravi Kishan
Producer & Writer – Michael E. Ward, Pia Sukanya and Aarti Bagdi
Production Company- TriStar Pictures, Krio Films FZ and Beautiful Bay Entertainment
Genre – Comedy Drama
Music – Arko Pravo Mukherjee and Amjad Nadeem
Cinematography – Karthik Ganesh
Ratings – 3.0


The plot of the film is made at the backdrop of Bombay city and covers multiple people who are linked to an accident. Meghna played by Radhika Apte is a PR professional who is up to leading the spiritual life of Brahma Kumaris. She is seen burning the standee of Karan Kapoor played by Ravi Kishan who is a known film actor. One day she meets an accident with a scooty driver played by Siddhanth Kapoor. He takes away her phone as she was making his video. Then starts the real story and the film showcases them all to the way they are connected on one point.


The film is both the best and the worst Bombay capturing films. Though the camera takes you to different streets of Bombay, yet it will not connect you with this city. There are a few comical situations, but the way these are presented dilutes the same. In short, the film is all about a good script, but it roams without any aim till the climax. Now, talking about the performances, Radhika Apte is seen as usual as she was. She has once again proved that she is a natural actor. Others like Akshay Oberoi has done a decent job while playing the immature Pintu. Siddhanth Kapoor in a role of a Scooty rider justified his character. Amit Sial in the role of a CID officer too has done a decent job and Adil Hussain and Ravi Kishan also have played well their roles.

Talking about the direction part, it went decent but was ruined to some extent with the perplexed screenplay. You can find too many scenes that mar the thrill. It treads complex routs to maintain the thrill. But as the film movies ahead, you get to see some sense in it. The music is okay while the solo song goes okay. Also, the background music is nice.

Bombairiya The Last Word

With all said and done the film is a big mess on the silver screen. Thanks to the unnecessary addition of confusion are seen taking away all the thrill. All, we can say that the efforts of the makers were genuine but seemed hampered in a big way with poor execution part.

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