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Bollywood Top Box Office Stars and Their Stardom

Bollywood Box Office Collection and Stardom

If you talk about the business of Bollywood movies, generally the trend, which counts at the top is the blind fan following. The 100 and the 200 crore yardstick has simply become vital especially when the bigwigs of B Town are involved. You can therefore expect a high end record breaking business. The fact is these stars do make huge money when you talk about getting a complete package that comprises of content and star cast, which counts at the end of the day. Hence you can say that there is hardly any tried and tested formula for making big time money, which would purely depend upon the appeal of the audience. According to the trade records, the business at Bollywood is simply growing with every passing day for instance the Dhoom 3 was able to garner 280 crores, similar would be the story of another big star at B Town. Lately, the business of Bollywood movies have turned out to be a number game, so, how about checking the way movies are making money with greater star values.

Shah Rukh Khan

Let’s start with Shah Rukh Khan. SRK is among the biggest stars of Bollywood with highest star value. Invariably all his movies have performed incredibly well over the Box Office. His last two movies, Happy New Year and Chennai Express were simply outstanding over the box office crossing the 200 crore mark, while similar was the story with his earlier movies like Ra One, though the movie failed to enter the 200 crore, thanks to its content, which failed to help the movie cross the 2 century mark.

Salman Khan

The next Khan comes the Kick actor Salman Khan, who has been on the top since his movie Dabang touching 145 crores in 2010. In fact, this was his first movie to cross 100 crore mark over the box office, since then his movies were able to perform in a similar fashion. Despite the low content in Dabangg 2, it did well over the box office garnering 158 crores. This can be called as an upward phase for the star and thus started garnering more and more business. This year Jai Ho too did the same with making 100 crores, despite disappointing the audience movie survived and was able to enter into the hundred crore club. All thanks to the Star Value of Salman Khan which made the difference. This simply proved a fact that anything can really work over the box office.

Hrithik Roshan

The stylish actor has come a long way, giving a number of flops but was able to garner his position over the Box Office by entering into the 100 crore club. Krissh was his first movie, which set the trends for him of 100 crore and Krissh 3 was able to do business for more than 200 crore giving him the two century figure over the box office. His other movies including Agnipath also was able to enter into the 100 crore club, while the recent one Bang Bang was able to do just above average coming closer to 200 crore mark.

Aamir Khan

Next is another Khan of B Town Aamir Khan, fondly known as Mr. Perfectionist. His first movie to taste the 100 crore mark was Ghajini released in the year 2008. His next movie that brought waves again over the box office include 3 Idiots that gave another yardstick in 2010 and thus breaking all the earlier records. However, his next movie Talaash failed to garner the same magic unlike his previous movies. The movie even failed to garner 100 crores, thanks to the low quality and dull content, which came in its way. But his next year movie Dhoom 3 was a big blast over the Box Office, which even compensated his earlier movie turning out to be the highest grosser so far with the magical figure of 549 crores in worldwide collection. His forthcoming movie PK is likely to create another history consider his incredible acting, novel plot and his high star value.

Ajay Devgn

With Golmal and Singham, Son of Sardar, Ajay Devgn entered into the 100 crore mark. He is known to choose movie backed by power packed performances. The actor in his basket has five different movies, which has entered into the 100 crore mark, which include Golmal 3, Singham, Singham Reruns, Son of Sardar. His last release the sequel of Singham was able to garner the business of 144 crores though failed to garner 150 crore mark. Interestingly, the same sequel was average when you compare the same with his original one in terms of content and performance. Now, Ajay gears up for his next movie Action Jackson wherein he is expecting a 150 crore mark.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar gave a good surprise with his movie Holiday with 112 crores over the box office. The movie seemed ordinary by the audience but was able to do a good business just due to the star value of this star. However, as compared to his earlier movie Rowdy Rathore, Holiday was better in terms of plot and performance yet it failed to compete with the former. Rowdy Rathore was able to do the business of around 130 crores plus business. Sadly his other movie Special 26, which happens to be rich in terms of content failed to good over the box office.

Wrapping up

Thus it is fairly inevitable to see how stardom and business are two connected elements, which make a difference together over the box office. Though there are several other elements too that have their say over the box office success, yet the higher star value simply makes a great difference. The higher is the star value the better would be the result.

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