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Bollywood Stars who are blocked by Salman Khan

Salman Khan rivals

Salman Khan who is known for his dialogue – “Ek Baar Maine Jo Commitment Kar Di to Mai Apni Bhi Nahi Sunta” seems to be true for all the B Town stars and other celebrities for whom he has blocked in his personal life. Considering the recent episode of Arjit Singh and his song being blocked in the upcoming film of Salman called Sultan. At such junctures, it would be interesting to explore the list of B Town stars that have been blocked by Salman Khan in his personal and professional life. Let’s do it:

Arjit Singh

The singer Arjit Singh is the latest victim of Salman Khan. The Sultan actor has categorically conveyed to Vishal Dadlani who is composing music for the upcoming film to remove his song for same. With No Questions Asked attitude of Salman, he has done similar things with the singer Sonu Nigam for not allowing the song from Kick called Hangover and thus was seen doing on his own by replacing one given by Sonu.

Aishwarya Rai

She has been the victim of Salman since the two were the hit couple on and off screen. Right from not allowing the Director of Sarabjit to cover the sequence of Salman Khan to not attending parties to avoid Aish, Salman Khan has maintained the distance from the actress. In fact, it was Aish only who is the reason for not forgiving VivekOberoi despite the fact that this actor has given his apology to Salman but he has denied forgiving him every time he has asked for the same. This is one of the reasons, why Vivek seems to be secluded with limited offers pertaining to Silver Screen. In fact, Salman Khan also had problems to see Aishwarya Rai Bachchan attending the party thrown by Shah Rukh Khan, which made him to avoid going to the same.

Sanjay Dutt

The friendship of Salman Khan with Sanjay Dutt has been in news for a number of years. However, of late, Sanju Baba is seen in the hit list of Salman Khan. It all happened when Sanjay Dutt was released and he was looking out to hire a good manager for managing his film career. Soon, Salman Khan suggested him his former manager who was unemployed but when Sanjay Dutt hired him, he demanded for a whopping amount (that remained undisclosed) for the job offer by Sanjay Dutt, which made Sanju baba to sack him. This really irked Salman Khan making Sanju baba his recently added celebrity foe.

Final Verdict

Salman Khan is known for having a huge fan base and for having a good influence over the film industry. He and his family is among the top families of B Town, which is known to have their own impact in B Town. Considering Salman’s mood swing nature, many of the B Town celebrities have faced problems like losing jobs in the industry along with being side lined in the industry. The above are some of the celebrities who are at the hit list of Salman Khan. For these actors and celebrities, the Bhaijaan has slammed his doors on them and doesn’t want to open up.

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