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Bollywood shines over Hollywood. Find out why!



The glitzy world of Bollywood has always attracted one and all with is glamour. The Indian movie lovers are greatly inspired by the movie stars, their style. Bollywood movies no only entertain the audience but sometimes they do give important messages. When it comes to comparison between Bollywood and Hollywood, Bollywood weighs high than Hollywood in certain aspects.

  1. Bollywood films contain emotions, whereas Hollywood movies mostly have straight forward approach. Bollywood films focus on various emotions like anger, love, revenge, etc. They touch the heart and form an emotional connect with the viewers. Romance, friendship, family ties can be seen as the theme of Hindi films. Hollywood movies many times lack the emotional content.
  1. Bollywood has soulful tracks and dance that are rarely found in Hollywood flicks. The celebration in any Indian occasion without Bollywood songs becomes incomplete. Tuneful, catchy songs and dance moves of the stars paired with great voice of the singers are a must-see in Bollywood films. Finding such songs in any Hollywood film is difficult.
  1. Bollywood offers something or the other to everyone. Hence, it has bigger number of audience. Bollywood covers everything from comedy, action, romance, biopics, sports, horror, etc. Hollywood films are mostly targeted towards niche audience due to their subjects of the film. They match the intellectual expectations of their movie buffs.
  1. Many times, Bollywood movies have simple tales featuring great characters and relatable themes. Editing and technical aspects are of utmost importance in Hollywood.
  1. Bollywood movies many times attract the audience with powerful dialoguebaazi that are memorable to all for a long time and can become one’s motivation for any real-life situation. Different cultures are shown coming together in Hindi films in their storyline. ‘Namaste London’, ‘Lagaan’ are some of their examples. Hollywood films concentrate more on conversation.


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