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The Bollywood remake of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ is in Pipeline

The Fault In Our Stars movie to have its Bollywood remake

The Indian Hindi audience will soon be able to catch the remake of the popular Hollywood movie called ‘The Fault In Our Stars’. As per the Fox Star Studio announcements, the filmmakers will be investing soon for its remake. Every other moment, you can find some special movie embarking in the theatres and some of these are even seen defining the emotions of today’s younger generation perfectly and nicely finding audience beyond the borders. Such movies should be showcased to different demographics. And as Indian Audience holds a huge population in the world, hence making a remake of such movies like the said above would be a right option to go with.

The statement from Vijay Singh, the CEO of Fox Star Studios India confirmed this news to the Indian audience. The movie has garnered a good response since its release in India; hence the decision to make it in Hindi by the Fox Star Studios seems to be holding its original rights over the book and the movie. Currently the Hollywood filmmakers are gearing up to include certain Bollywood Masala in it to make the movie more compatible for the Indian audience especially the Hindi speaking crowd.  The story is all about a teenager cancer patient who falls in love with the former basketball player who is basically a cancer survivor.

The movie is very much touchy love story, which the filmmakers are very much sure to see its recreation with the right kind of magic for the Indian audience. The movie – The Fault In Our Stars is directed by the man called Josh Boone with lead stars as Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. These two stars are now considered to be among the top heart throbs of American audiences since after doing this film considering their awesome performance in the movie. As per reports the movie crossed 260 million dollars worldwide, which was actually made at a cost of around 12 million dollars only thus getting a thunderous response all across the world.

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