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Bollywood Reaction on Death Sentence For Hanging Yakub Memon : Countdown Triggered

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The word ‘Terrorist’ may sounds something really scary at least for those who have been the thorough victim by facing them face to face or have got badly injured from any of the incident, however if we talj about the terrorists then they are someone who have been rolling with no mercy at all for anyone and that’s Yakub Memon – A well know renowned terrorist who’s currently rolling all inside the jail since 1993 Mumbai mega blasts which have killed around hundreds of innocent people like anything. But as it is well said ‘There Is Some Delay for Justice But There Never Ever In Justice To Anyone’ in the same way finally the day has arrived 30th July when he’ll be hanged till death in Nagpur. But, how about Bollywood reaction on the same, check this out..

The one who triggered the fire on twitter was none other than our favorite ‘Salman Khan’ who depicted his sympathy on him, have a look on what he tweeted..

“Hang Tiger. Brother is being hanged for Tiger. Arre Where is Tiger? Get tiger hang him. Parade him not his brother.”­ – Salman Added.

However, the moment he added the quote, the very next moment various celebrities started rolling with the same tweet right below his tweet, have a glance..

KTS Tulsi (Senior lawyer): “I think it (mercy petition) should be reconsidered, he (Yakub) has rendered us valuable help in being able to collect evidence against Pakistan.”

Raza Murad (Actor): “That’s Salman’s personal opinion, he has a right to express opinion as a citizen of a democratic nation.”

Shatrughan Sinha (Actor, BJP politician): “I know Salman Khan for a long time. He is a good man. He has not said anything wrong about Yakub Memon, who has already filed a mercy petition. I think there is no harm in supporting anybody’s mercy petition.” – As per the sources.

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