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Bollywood movies rank higher over women sexualisation issue

Indian movies and women

Believe it or not, Indian Cinema is among the top to showcase women in an attractive and glamorous ways in number of its films. As per UN reports (dedicated on study of women characters in movies all over the world), around 35% of women character in Bollywood movies are displayed with nudity. The study was conducted by GIGM (Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media) with association of UN WRF (UN Women and The Rockefeller Foundation), which revealed the deep discrimination, sexualisation and pervasive stereotyping of women and their poor representation in robust roles by bigger film industries in the world.

As per the study, the Indian movies since past few years have included higher prevalence of women sexualisation, while the film industry here in this country seems to have scored less in presenting women in important and vociferous characters. The countries, which are on the bottom in showing women as sex object include US, UK, Australia and Germany, while India tops in the list of showcasing women as sex object and with trivial roles in Indian movies. Also, very less amount of women are seen in important positions including the posts of directors, writers and even producers as the industry has been always male dominated in India, which is not the case outside.

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