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Bollywood Celebs Salute Selfies Saluting Indian Armed Forces on Independence Day


The day when we as a beloved Indian proud, the day when we all unite together to celebrate, the day when we pay a peaceful tribute to our struggling freedom fighters and of course a floral tributes to the fallen people and is called Independence Day. Today we are celebrating 69th Anniversary of our Independence and as an Indian we are eagerly waiting for this day to watch the fully armed forces mach pass which is held in Delhi every year.

The stunning dresses, the lashes and especially the flounce of armed force like of Indian Navy, Indian Army, and last but not the least the glorious Indian Air force, which are called the backbones of our Nation, of whom we are immensely proud from the bottom of our heart.

Moreover when beloved Indians are excited and paying tributes to the fallen people on one hand then who says that the Bollywood celebrities won’t step forward for the same? Check this out the entire Bollywood has celebrated and saluted the nation and Indian Armed Forces by a unique style i.e by clicking “Salute Selfies”, check out all right here

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