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Bollywood Celebrities wishes Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

14th February is one of the most happening days for lovers and people with romantic heart. Bollywood has been the advocate and promoter of this day making it bigger and fatter. Come Valentine’s day and we see people especially the young celebrating this day unlike other festivals making love float in air, however, you also have haters of this day wherein the hate mongers are seen igniting the cupids and cards, thrashing couples and rampaging the gift stores like Archie’s Gallery, etc. Yet the fervour and spirit of this festival never dies down, in fact, it has backfired with bigger and better forms the next year. Let’s check how the Bollywood celebrities are observing these days and the way they have greeted their fans.

The B Town celebrities will have good time on this V day with their loved ones. Amidst their busy schedule, they are taking some time out to celebrate this day and express love and glee to their loved ones. Vidya Balan will be celebrating V Day with her Hubby Siddharth Roy Kapur at Sri Lanka, though she has not disclosed her exact plan except revealing that she would be with her love life at one of the exotic islands of this country in Indian Ocean. A slew of new actresses of B Town took time to share their wishes and plans of V day in social media. Let’s start with Evelyn Sharma, she said that celebrating love is always a great feeling therefore she will be doing something on this day. Though nothing seems to be decided but given the choice she would love to spend this day with Salman Khan and this man has been her first valentine.

Taapsee Pannu said though she may not need just one day to love anyone as the entire year can be used to express your love and respect for the person whom you love the most. However, V day being the special day and designed especially for people to express love and celebrate love, hence one must take this opportunity to do so said the Baby actress. On the other side at the small screen, you have Sahir and Arzoo of the popular show Humsafar consummating their marriage on Valentine’s Day. Moving further Sarah Jane Dias was blunt wherein the called this day as an overrated tad, while she hardly requires any special day to express her love for anyone.

Ali Fazal the upcoming promising actor of B Town called this day a very special one of him as it happens to be the sole source of spreading love. He didn’t restrict this day to express his love for someone special but for anyone who is closer to him can be wished on this day. Hence this V day he plans to find time and connect with everyone to thank and express his gratitude and love who helped him to reach out new height in B Town. Lastly, Radhika Apte who was caught the eyeballs for her nude selfies says that she hardly celebrate this day. The reasons are obvious as she and her partner stays poles apart, which makes them meet seldom but whenever they meet they have their special moments unlike the one witnessed on V day.

CineTalkers wishes its readers a very Happy and Safe Valentine’s Day. May you all have a good and memorable Valentine’s day. You take this day as an opportunity to express your love and gratitude towards your partner whom you may find difficult in expressing. Take your time and enjoy your special day with your loved ones speaking your heart. Meanwhile, check what the Bigwigs of B Town have to say on this day:

Bollywood celebs wishes their fans on Valentine… by BiscootLive

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