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Bollywood Celebrities who went fat to fit for stardom

No gain without pain.. that is one thing that Bollywood celebs have understood long back. Be it Star kids or the strugglers, there are many of our celebs who were big foodies and were couch potatoes before attaining their chiseled bodied to make themselves debut ready. Not just the actresses, there are plenty of actors in our list who were chubby mumma’s boys before building their muscles and getting the hulk look. Let’s take a look

Sonakshi Sinha: Well, she surely is the chubby strong Punjabi girl of the industry. But you will be shocked to know that she was even more fatty before she joined the glamour industry. She was an overweight kid all her life. Being brought up with her brothers, she was always a tomb fighting with the boys. Lovingly called as Sona, Sonakshi was aspiring to be a designer when she shifted her attention to modeling. She lost oodles of weight and got in shape before making her first ramp presence. She was then chosen for her debut with Salman Khan in Dabang.

Sonakshi Sinha fat to fit

Sonam Kapoor: So what if she is Anil Kapoor’s daughter? She wasn’t a fitness freak at all. Unlike her father, Sonam loved to gobble up sweets and chocolates and was a fatty kid. She was adored by many for her lovely smile which was perhaps the only resemblance she has to her previous self now. For her debut in the movie Saawariyaan.. she was asked to shed weight and there she was the lanky girl Sonam whom we love today.

Sonam Kapoor fat to fit

Arjun Kapoor: Do you know that Arjun Kapoor was over 100 kgs as a teenager. Even when he was working as an assistant director, Arjun could never imagine that he would be signed for a film. But it did happen and Arjun shed the extra pounds and got the macho man appearance.

arjun kapoor fit to fat

Alia Bhatt:. She is cute, She is slim, She can give us fitness goals .. She is the most slender and glamorous girl in the industry today. But as a teenager, she was a chubby cute girl. She was a big foodie and loved sweets and Chinese. Alia worked out very heavily in the gym to get that perfect bikini figure which she flaunted twice.

alia bhatt fat to fit

Parineeti Chopra: The cute bubbly actress recently confessed that she has struggled with the way she looked. She was a fatty Punjabi girl who grew up in Punjab having all the local delicacies. As she never aspired to enter the film industry, Parineeti never thought she would be a slim glam doll one day. Parineeti lost oodles of weight and looks stunning today.

parineeti chopra fat to fit

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