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Bollywood Celebrities Views On Women’s Day

The B Town has always celebrated Woman’s Day for having the bold and brave spirit of women. From giving equal importance to actresses, to making more and more women-oriented movies, Bollywood is doing it all. 8th March, which his celebrated as International Women’s Day every year has some messages and tweets from the B Town celebrities. Check what the top B Town celebrities have to say about this big day on woman:

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Alia Bhatt @aliaa08 – Here’s hoping that the monsters of this country, the uneducated, unrealistically shameful men lay off the “flower” this year. #HappyWomensDay we are stronger than people think we are. We are MORE than equal! More power to all the women/girls out there!!! #HappyWomensDay”

Anushka Sharma – Happy women’s day! More light More power and strength to you!

Anupam Kher– I am a sum total of all the women who played a great role in shaping up my life. Thank you. And a very Happy Women’s Day. Jai Ho.

Farah Khan– For all those dedicating this 1 day to us women, I have just two words for ul..GET LOST!! ( & that’s the milder version)”

Karan Johar – “Women don’t need a day to celebrate their power and strength! Men on the other hand just need a tight slap!!! And all will be well.

Madhur Bhandarkar – I think God made a woman to be strong and not to be trampled under the feet of men. Whoever said it, said it right! Happy Women’s Day!

Shruti Haasan – To all the beautiful strong incredible independent talented women out there! Happy women’s day!

Varun Dhawan – One lifetime isn’t enough to celebrate women. #HappyWomensDay let’s try to treat them better cause who runs the world –girls.

Shabana Azmi – To make the world better Women need 2 transform the very notion of power itself so it becomes about sharing not powerful dominating the weak Do not treat us as Goddesses- treat us as equals.

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