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Bollywood Celebrities and Body Organ Donation

Bollywood celebrities are also known for supporting for a number of social and humanitarian causes. They are backed by a huge fan following, which in turn take their righteous deeds forward. This is perhaps the key reasons why these celebrities are chosen as the brand ambassadors for a number of social causes as well.  However, there are certain B Town celebrities who go beyond their conventional ways of helping and supporting social causes by announcing to donate their body organs once they leave this mortal world. Let’s check how the B Town actors and actresses have promised to give something to the world after they are no more in this world.

Let’s start with Aamir Khan, the Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood. He has announced to give all his body organs including his eyes, kidney, lever, lungs, heart and other vital parts to the world. This transformation came out when he saw the film Ship of Theseus making Khan to discuss with his wife Kiran and finally asked her to make a call to make things formal about his desire to harvest his organs. Even his wife would be treading the path of her hubby wherein she would be donating all her organs like pancreas, intestines, eyes, skin, ear drums, heart valve and bone apart from the usual ones after leaving this world.

The actors from the B Town are often seen inspiring their fans and followers to be kind to this world by donating even their body organs, which makes them the change of agent of this world. Next comes the man who is behind his human and charity work called Being Human. Yes, you guessed it right, its Salman Khan. He was seen donating something unusual from his body by announcing the world that he would be donating the bone marrow and thus motivates others to do so.

Now talking about the Bachchans, we have Big B wishing to donate his eyes to give light to the people who have been leading life without any light in their life. Similarly, her wife who happens to be yesteryear actress also has decided to walk on the footsteps of her hubby donating her eyes to the eye bank. That’s not all, their daughter in law- Aishwarya Rai too is willing to give her the only beautiful thing in her body- yes the eyes as she has already had her contract with the Eye Bank Association of India to donate her eyes.

The others in the row, who would be donating their body organs include Priyanka Chopra, R Madhwan, Rani Mukherji, Farah Khan, Rishi Kapoor and the list goes one. Rani plans to give her eyes giving light to someone who has missed this boon since his or her birth, similarly, Farah too is seen joining her giving her the eyes after her death, while Madhawan is seen going few steps ahead and had announced to donate a number of organs from his body including – heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, bones and cartilages. Lastly PeeCee too has come forward by donating her eyes claiming that she can be at least good after her death when she fails to do good in the lifespan.

Wrapping up

There so many B Town celebrities obsessed people in India who are willing to do anything, which their star are seen doing. Perhaps with the initiatives like organ donations, even their fans will feel the motivated to join this incredibly good cause and get the chance to remain good not just in their lifespan but also after they leave this mortal world.

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