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Bollywood Actors who made their names enter into Guinness World Records

Unlike any other celebrity or people making their names in Guinness World Records, the Bollywood stars too have recorded their names in the prestigious book of records. The B Town therefore make itself popular for a number of reasons and having some of the Bollywood celebrities names in the record book of Guinness is no exception. Let us check some of the Bollywood Actors who made their names enter into Guinness World Records as under:

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Amitabh Bachchan

The megastar of Bollywood is the one to hold his name in the Guinness World Records. He is known for his acting and voice as well. His name in the Guinness World Records was introduced for singing the reverential Shri Hanuman Chaalisa along with a number of other singers and music composers of Bollywood.

Katrina Kaif

Shah Rukh Khan could be the highly paid artist in B Town but Kat’s income earned in her native place has its recognition in the Guinness World Records. The income of the actress in the year 2013 was around 63.75 crores, which led the mention of hers in the book.

Abhishek Bachchan

If the father can be in the Guinness World Records why not the son. The Junior Bachchan has his name in the world records, for covering maximum number of places in shortest duration of time during the time of his film Delhi 6 promotion. He traveled a couple of places within 12 hours including EDM Mall in Ghaziabad, Spice at Noida, Crown Plaza in Faridabad, Select Citywalk, Ambience Mall and Central Mall in Chandigarh and Shoppers’ Stop in Juhu in Mumbai.

Ashok Kumar

This man has been known in the Bollywood as Dadamoni who has even his name in the Guinness World Records. He is the man who has played the lead on screen character for the longest time. He has rules five decades in Bollywood before he left this world.

Jagdish Raj

The late Jagdish Raj too has his name in the Guinness World Records for becoming cops in a number of movies consistently in different movies. Jagdish Raj has played the character of a cop in around 150 films including Johnny Mera Naam, Bol Radha Bol and Silsila to name a few.

Kumar Sanu

His was known for his voice in the nineties wherein he rules the entertainment world. Thus he was seen earning his name in the book for the maximum number of melodies in a day. The singer apparently has recorded 28 melody tacks in one day, which made his name enter in the said book. He has given hits in a number of movies including the songs like Ab Tere Bin (Aashiqui), Sochenge Tumhe Pyaar (Deewana), Mera Dil Bhi to name a few.

Lalita Pawar

She was known as the rudest mother in law in Hindi Cinemas but no one could ever challenge her commitment and passion she had for her acting performances. She started her career when she was barely 12 years of age and went on to work for seven decades doing not less than 700 movies in Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. This simply made her name to enter in the Guinness Book of Records.

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