Bobby Darling Hits Back Her husband Ramnik Sharma for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

Bobby Darling had a Controversial romantic love affair, which turned into a marriage in 2016 when Bobby got married to a Bhopal based businessman called Ramnik Sharma. She was really very happy and claimed to live with enternal bliss until she encountered a horrifying reality. Bobby was recently seen filing a FIR against her own husband when she accused him for a domestic violence case along with having forceful sex. She also accused her hubby’s mother and his brother for the dowry harassment. Soon we saw a leading daily getting in touch with Bobby wherein she revealed everything about her bad marriage.

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Ramnik was seen beating him after getting drunk and also accused her of having extramarital affairs with every second man. She said that her husband also usurped her property and money. She said that her hubby made her give him co-ownership of my flat based in Mumbai while did the same thing when she bought their penthouse in Bhopal. She said that her hubby got her SUV using her money just after their marriage. Now, she claims to have nothing in her bank account. She said that her hubby has paid the building’s security guards to keep an eye on her and that they used to inform everything about all her moves.

Bobby Darling then revealed how she had to face a bad time for the domestic violence and could not bear the beating that has injured her left hand. She informed that she was so terrified of the beatings, which made her peeing in her pants. She somehow managed to escape from her hubby’s home feeling in a cab and later told to give a wrong address to the security guard if they approach him. She said she packed her bags and got her important documents and fled to the airport to finally reach to Mumbai.

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