Friday, January 28, 2022
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BMC to sends notice to (SRK) Shah Rukh Khan

BMC to sends notice to Shah Rukh Khan

The growing rift between the Bandsand residents and Shah Rukh Khan over the illegal ramp constructed near his plush mansion Mannat was seen taking a new twist with the involvement of BJP MP Poonam Mahajan. The ramp was illegally constructed to park his vanity van adjacent to this cottage irked the residents close to SRK’s mansion at Bandstand. Even the local residents have filed a complaints against this illegal construction to BMC for disrupting the commuters especially during the popular Bandra fair.

Soon after the BJP MP joining the crusade by submitting a formal complaint to the BMC the officials now seem to be gearing up against the illegal ramp constructed by Shah Rukh Khan and his men. As per reports, the BMC has now issued a letter to Shah Rukh Khan to demolish the ramp within seven days, however, if he fails to do so, the civic body from the BMC would be doing the same. However, this is not the first time when the ramp has been the issue of any debate. Last year too the citizens were seen raising the voice against the same, however, nothing really happened in this matter. The local residents have expressed their happiness and delight while hearing the BMC letter.

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