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Blue Mountains:  Ranvir Shorey’s gift to son Haroon

The movie Blue Mountains by Suman Ganguli, which is scheduled to be released this summers has covered important issues of parents and adolescents. It has a universal theme, which deals with life’s challenges and the way it is vital to be a participants rather than a winner in any race. It also showcases the significance of developing emotional stamina during the teens. As per Ganguli, her film simply deals with the subject of teenagers the way they are seen pursuing their aspirations, which seem to break them emotionally.

The father in the main lead is played by Ranvir Shorey, who according to the filmmaker has done a great job while performing the character. Further Suman was seen saying Ranbir has simply escalated the entire movie all together to a different level. Everything including precision, his detailing has shaped the sequences found in the film. He went on to learn guitar since it was the demand of the character to do so. She has also praises for people like Rajpal Yadav, Gracy Singh, Arif Zakaria and Mahesh Thakur for playing their characters the best.

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