Blakk Tatted Takes Over Social Media

Blakk Tatted

Cardell Bradley a.k.a “BLAKK TATTED” is a locally and internationally known artist, entrepreneur, entertainer and internet personality from New Orleans, Louisiana. Known as the “LIFE OF THE PARTY” on Instagram reaching over 130,000 followers. He began his unintentional internet stardom years ago through Facebook and Instagram creating dance videos and engaging with his audience. Since then he has gained popularity and became loved by so many around the world. Blakk Tatted personality makes everyone aware of why he always brings joy to those who are close to him, around him, and even far away. With his energetic personality and contagious smile, Blakk Tatted is certainly well loved by many people around the world. Ladies can’t seem to get enough of his seductive charm. This popular socialite is most known for his relatable stories, loving presence, down to earth personality, and his infamous “DIP” dance. The Dip Dance can be found on all streaming platforms like itunes and spotify.

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