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Bishal Kumar Das Is Going Across The Globe Merely At The Age Of 25

Bishal Kumar Das

At an age where kids play with toys, a very young Bishal Kumar Das started his travelling endeavours; something that hasnít stopped till this very day. Now 25, Das, is a young traveller and entrepreneur who grew up in the state of Odisha. Due to his inclination towards travelling to move out of his country and he completed his graduation in international management with Marketing from the University of Roehampton, London.

However, this wasnít the first time he was in London. He had earlier been there for an exchange programme and thatís where he decided to revisit the city. People often say that some things are inherited by us from our parents. Dasí father was also a traveller and often told him that, ìto travel is to gain knowledge.î He believes that London opened the doors for him and was a life changing experience.

And since then, Bishal Kumar Das hasnít looked back. He has been to 44 countries since 2005 and he promises to visit every single country by the time he celebrates his 40th birthday. While traveling, he has learnt about various cultures. He has often met people and wants to inspire other young travel enthusiasts who wish to travel the world.

According to him, out of all the countries he has ever visited, he enjoyed Iceland the most. Sounds weird, right? Considering how cold it gets during the winters? We feel you. But Das didnít hesitate to go there and very few travellers visit Iceland every year. He says that itís best destination for a solo traveler or for an adventurous group wishing to go on a road trip across the island.

Das can be seen as an evolution in Indian travel influencers, as he offers a wonderful perspective towards the beauty of travel. He has bridges across cultures, adventures and everything one can simply imagine. Das believes he has some love for the open road.

His ultimate goal is to keep exploring places in the coming days. For now, he has started his own business and has being an environmentalist, he has heavily invested in the environmental business across Odisha and other parts of India.

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