Sonam Kapoor is not just known an actress but a lady with great fashion sense. As she turned 34, we have many more things to share when it comes to her birthday. On her big day as you see the diva turning one year older, we have some 5 little known and funny facts about the actress, have a look at them as under:

1). Pocket Money: Despite being the star kid, she had to struggle with pocket money. She also worked to earn money for her pocket money including working as a waitress for some time to make things work.

Sonam-Kapoor-1st look from ZoyaFactor

2). Avid Reader: She is a style icon and thus she keeps herself updated regarding latest trends found in the fashion industry. But besides knowing about the style thing, she is also an avid reader and she reads a lot of books on various issues including national politics and current affair to name a few.

3). Started as AD in B Town: She started her career in B Town as Assistant Director working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali in his film Black. The fact that she was not interested to debut as an actress but on insistence of the director, she entered Bollywood films to work as an actress.

4). Lost 30 Kgs of Weight: She overweight and appeared bulgy and hence had to lose weight before she made her debut in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film Saawariya. She had to lose 30 kgs to get the role and she did it perfectly.

sonam kapoor overweight

5). Her Cousins: She is close to her cousin Arjun Kapoor and they are known to share all their good and bad things to each other. But not many would know that Ranveer Singh also happens to be her cousin from her mother’s end.

sonam kapoor and her cousins