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Birth Control Pills can hamper your brain’s shape- Research

Both men and women take great care to avoid pregnancies and one of them includes having birth control pills. However, as per the latest research, it can shrink portions of a woman’s brain and thus hamper its functions. It is possible that the synthetic hormones could be found out in the pill, which can hamper the shape and size of the brain causing these changes inside the brain structure and function as indicated by the new story.

As per the study conducted by a team of researchers based in University of California in Los Angeles, consuming these pills can have adverse impact over the brain of your body. They carried out a test on 90 women and discovered that their important brain areas including the lateral orbit frontal cortex and the posterior cingulated cortex were seen becoming thinner in women who are seen using contraception than who avoided it.

The former portion of the brain plays a vital role in emotion regulation and responding to a number of rewards while the latter one is involved in inward directed thought, which in turn shows in increasing the activity wherein you can recall your old memories and plan things for the coming future. The research also indicated that the women consuming the pills are seen having negative emotional impact, hence they avoided this option of unwanted pregnancies.

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