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Bill Gates To Be Covered Under Netflix’s ‘Inside Bill’s Brain’ Web Series

After a series of web series being launched about the life of various famous fames, this time its turn for the big news. The big man who brought a lot of advancements in the world of computers is now going to get featured in a web series. The Microsoft man, Bill Gates has always kept on his ever-evolving reputation and one of his most recognized world known accomplishment is for being the founder of Microsoft. He is a man of his words, a philanthropist by heart and a great investor as well. Creating history, with the innovations of Microsoft, he has been a well famed name in the global arena. However, ever since the company’s inception in 1975, Bill Gates has taken differential roles in a number of endeavors relating to innovation, philanthropy, and the general global problem solving mechanism.

Very soon, a web series in association with Netflix will be created for this magnificent person covering the various highs and lows of his life. The series titled, Inside Bill’s Mind will be directed by Davis Guggenheim. The plot of the series will be dissecting the history, behaviors, and philosophy of this tech pioneer along with the exposed blemishes that came up in both- his personal and professional lives. With an in-depth interview conducted with Gates’ family members, involving the prime man himself and exclusive ones, too, it is quite expected that the viewers will surely be getting a lot of comprehensive understanding of this man. It will be covering the various versions of this mind of a man who has dedicated quite a tangible impact on the modern history.

Watch the trailer of Inside Bill’s Mind here:

Inside Bill’s Mind will be premiered on Netflix September 20.

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