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Bigg Boss Weekend War: Salman Khan rages again on Arhaan, said – stupid …

In Bigg Boss 13, something is happening every day. Sometimes a dispute arises, sometimes a video goes viral. This weekend’s weekend war is also going to be strong. This time, on the weekend, there will be a class of many members, but the most targeted is Arhaan Khan.

At this time, Arhaan and Rashmi’s relationship is going on in a lot of controversies and a lot of headlines are also seen. The last time Salman Khan had revealed the matter of Arhaan’s wife and child. Due to this, Rashmi Desai was shocked, apart from this, other family members also beat her. Now Salman Khan will again start Arhaan Khan’s class on the weekend. He will tell Arhaan that he is showing himself stupid in front of the country by talking rudely about Rashmi.

Remind me, a few days ago, while talking to Shefali Bagga, Arhaan Khan said that Rashmi Desai had come on the road once. A new controversy has started about this matter. Now in the promo released on Bigg Boss’s Instagram page Bigg Boss Khabri, it is clearly seen that the spoiled lyrics of Arhaan are quite heavy on him. Kamya Punjabi, Rashmi’s friend and ex-contestant of Bigg Boss, has also heard Arhaan Khan in good terms. She says ‘You may have brought Rashmi from there but according to this show your bank balance is zero’.

By the way, Salman Khan is going to flare up on Hindustani Bhau this weekend. Actually, it has been seen many times in the show that Bhau goes to sleep anytime, just on this matter Salman Khan is going to take Bhau’s class.

Now, with the new twist coming daily on the show, the audience has become amused. The show is at number 9 on the TRP list.

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