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Bigg Boss Tamil 5: Niroop Nandakumar becomes first contestant of the season to be jailed

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is getting interesting day by day. The last episode of the show was seen Priyanka Deshpande, Abhishek Raaja and Niroop discussing their strategy.

The Bigg Boss house was transformed into a museum according to the ‘Pancha Thanthiram’ task.

Five strong coins were concealed in various locations. The coins belonged to the contestants who picked them up without being seen and displayed them to the camera. If a person who was nominated received the coin, they may gain immunity or use it to help others. If a competitor was caught picking the coin, they had to return the coin to its original location and report it to prison. They would only be released if Bigg Boss gave the order.

Many housemates, including Abishek Raaja, offered to save Thamarai Selvi during the assignment. Abhishek’s assurance that he would save her was enough for her to emotionally fall on his feet. Raju, Imman, and others then revealed the underlying motive behind the housemates’ guarantee to her.

Niroop attempted to take Pavani Reddy’s coins. Niroop was caught red-handed by Abhinay Vaddi, who reported him to Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss later ordered Niroop to return the monies, and captain Ciby was instructed to imprison him in the subterranean cell. As a result, Niroop became the first person jailed this season.

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