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‘Bigg Boss’ Season 11: Interesting details about the Bigg Boss house




The season 11 of the famous television reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ was greatly awaited by the viewers and the show has finally kick started. The new season will revolve around the theme of ‘Padosi’. The set of Bigg Boss has turned completely new and the fresh décor delights all. Every season, the show comes up with something new and this time too, it’s no exception. Let’s have a look at the Bigg Boss abode this season.

  1. Garden area

When a contestant first enters the Bigg Boss house, what he or she sees is the green lawn. The new house has the lawn with mini pool, tables, wooden benches, cushions and the gym. The participants sometimes perform different tasks here.

  1. Living area

Vibrant colours are ready to grab your attention at the living area of Bigg Boss house this season. The multi-coloured button wall makes the living area look beautiful. Sketches on the wall and the framed black and white drawings give a classic look to the liveliest area.

  1. Bedroom area

A large portion of entertainment takes place in the bedroom area .The morning dance sessions of the contestants happen here. Eight double bed one can see in the bedroom area and it looks like all the participants will stay together. The blend of pink and red endows a nice look to the room.

  1. Kitchen and dining area

The kitchen and dining area has seen multiple gossips, the ugly blame game and fights taking place between the contestants. This time, the kitchen area will resemble a café and it will have some colourful crockery and woodwork. The dining table will be round this time and not the rectangular like every time.

  1. Confession room

This place has witnessed the emotional breakdowns of the participants as well as the elimination process. The big car-shaped red recliner will be there at the confession room. The retro room gives a fresh look to the place. When participants enter this room, they will see mirrors everywhere. Some secret tasks are given to the participants by Bigg Boss in this area and the famous dialogue about the place is “Bigg Boss chahte hai ki aap confession room me aaye!”

  1. Washroom

The bushy plants and flowers make the washroom look very nice and the walls, artificial glass are covered with flowers and plants. The house has two separate toilets and bathrooms. The plush white Jacuzzi will definitely help the contestants have a good time at this place.

With such luxurious house set-up and interesting set of contestants, ‘Bigg Boss’ Season 11 is all set to raise the audience’s excitement!

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