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Bigg Boss: Salman Khan is angry with Arhaan, refused to meet when the actor is out?

Bigg Boss 13

The discussion of Bigg Boss 13 is everywhere. In the show, all the fans were surprised to know the truth of Rashmi Desai’s boyfriend Arhaan Khan getting married and having a child already. Salman Khan exposed Arhaan Khan on the show. However, Arhaan Khan’s journey from the show has ended for the second time as well.

Is Salman Khan angry with Arhan Khan?

According to the new reports, after leaving Arhaan Khan’s house, Salman Khan flatly refused to meet him. Sources told Pinkvilla, ‘Whenever a contestant is out of the house, Salman Khan meets them and explains many things to them. Many times the Contestants also spend time with him. But when Arhaan Khan was out, Salman Khan refused to meet him.

Let me tell you that during the show, Arhaan was also accused that he was using Rashmi’s property incorrectly in his absence. But Arhaan had termed all these reports as wrong. After knowing all these truths of Arhaan, the host of the show Salman Khan also appeared very angry with him and Salman also reprimanded him in front of the show.

At the same time, there are also reports that after leaving the show, Arhaan Khan had asked for the keys to Rashmi Desai’s house from the production house of Bigg Boss. But the production refused to give him the keys.

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