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Bigg Boss OTT: Akshara Singh once again age-shames Shamita Shetty, also calls her ‘badtameez aurat’

Ever since Bigg Boss OTT started, contestant Shamita Shetty has been facing a lot of heat. Now recently Akshara Singh once again attacked her over-age. She not only age shamed her but also called her ill-mannered and not to flaunt with her English.

A kitchen issue turned into a heated argument after Akshara’s comments, referring to Shamita as old as her mother. She also accused her of speaking in English and believing herself superior to others.

Akshara, who used Shamita’s age to insult her on several occasions, did the same once again. This time, the two were seen quarrelling over kitchen duties. Akshara came to the kitchen and asked the captain of the house, Shamita, if she knew where the salt was kept. Shamita got annoyed and replied rudely. This resulted in a massive fight between the two that caught the attention of their respective partners.

Akshara Singh and Shamita Shetty were seen shouting over each other’s voices in the kitchen, Akshara Singh lost her cool and screamed, “Chaar line angrezi jaan lene se aap chad jayega kisi pe [Should you harass others just because you know a bit of English?]” Akshara also called Shamita’s behaviour “irritating.”

After the screaming was done Akshara was seen complaining about Shamita to the other contestants in the kitchen, “Maa ki umar ki hai. Itni bhi tameez nahi hai kissey kaise baat karna hai [She’s my mother’s age, yet she doesn’t have the manners to speak to a person properly].” She was also heard saying, “Badi badtameez aurat hai [What a rude woman she is].”

This is not the first time Akshara Singh age-shamed Shamita on Bigg Boss. even before she was seen talking to Urfi Javed and laughed at her age. Akshara then told Urfi that she prefers calling Shamita Shetty “maasi” or aunt because she is as old as her mother.

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